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AdWords Search Advertising Advanced Exam Passed

I passed this today with a score of 96% with approx 1 hour and 20 minutes left on the clock :-

From memory – there were a lot of questions that were identical when I sat it a year ago.

For example there was still a question in there on position preference which has long since ceased to exist, and a question on the stand alone keyword tool which as far as I know is no longer available…

There were a couple of new questions, but if you use AdWords on a daily basis, and have a fair idea of what Google want you to regurgitate you should find it easy. (Hint – you will *never* *ever* be charged for invalid clicks – and if you do ever get charged for any – then they were almost certainly not invalid clicks and merely people doing ‘comparison shopping’ or else an ISP who has assigned the same IP address to more than one person..)

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