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AdWords “Callout” Extensions.

From   Here are some examples, though I’m not sure what a 4.7 inch LED display has to do with shoes!     It’s definitely something worth adding (while looking at removing “Free Shipping” sitelinks I guess). It’s also worth noting that Google say they have found that sentence case works better than title case. Here’s a short snippet of one of my clients’ ads appearing a few hours after adding at the account level:-  



How Much AdWords Traffic Can You Get From NI/UK/IRL?

I wrote about this in a post from *ages* ago here :- Here is some updated information on the sort of levels of traffic you could expect from Northern Ireland v Ireland v UK… From Google :- Reach is an estimate of how many people in a location could see your ads. How it’s calculated: Your estimated reach may differ from census data, because reach calculates the number of unique cookies from people visiting Google sites. Reach also varies due to the number of devices or browsers per person, length of activity and number of temporary visitors to a location. How to use it: The reach estimate should only be used to compare location targets. To estimate the number of ad impressions, try the Keyword Planner.   According to the 2011 census, population estimates for the regions (or countries if you prefer to call them that) are: Estimated populations…

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AdWords Advanced Display Exam Passed Again

OK – so I got 6 wrong – but I only spent 27 minutes on it! (And the likelihood of me managing Youtube home page mastheads at a few hundred thousand pounds a day are a little bit unlikely anyway). Here’s the updated Google Partners profile –;idtf=4971344434; I guess I’ll have to get round to sitting the new video advertising exam soon too…

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