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Passed the Google Shopping Advertising Exam.

I’m not sure which one I got wrong. It may have been the one which asked ‘how do you increase clicks on a campaign that is limited by budget’. There were 2 correct answers. 1. Increase budget. 2. Decrease bids.



Google Shopping ROAS bidding

Seems to be working reasonably well in most cases so far… Here’s one example :- This is a campaign that is somewhat seasonal, and it would usually make more sense to compare to ‘previous year’ rather than ‘previous period’, but I couldn’t in this particular case. At any rate it is still a bigger improvement than another shopping campaign in this account that has using enhanced CPC bidding during the same periods.  



What Is Bing Ads’ Market Share In The UK?

I read this article recently which says that Bing’s market share in the UK is now 17.8%. Here’s an old article of my own using 2014 data – which showed it was pretty close to 10%. This is a bit out of date now, so let’s look at the last full six months of e-commerce PPC only data for the UK from 1st August 2015 to 31st January 2016. Bing Ads Sessions = 20.87%! Bing Ads Revenue = 15.45%! (Transaction value up 15% from the same period the previous year compared to only a 5% increase from AdWords). *The Bing Ads and Google AdWords accounts for this e-commerce site are not directly comparable (different amounts of brand traffic and shopping traffic to name just 2 factors) and lots of factors outside my control can affect results. Even so, it does look like Bing is starting to take market…

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Negative Keywords List Updated With Postcodes

Now with postcodes for Northern Ireland and Great Britain, so you can exclude people searching for a product or service within a postcode to which you cannot provide that product or service. e.g. I have seen a campaign where England was explicitly excluded as a location in campaign settings, but ads were still shown when someone searched using an English postcode (something that Google should really have a better handle on but there you go). When I get time I’ll try and segment postcodes by England, Scotland, Wales also. Feel free to copy and paste from this (click on the image below to open the Google Spreadsheet and hover over column heading to view comments).



Google Analytics Tagging And Website Redirects

Google Analytics is a brilliant tool. It’s only as good as the data you pass back to it though. AdWords and Bing Ads make it easy to auto tag your PPC traffic for analytics, but you need to put a lot of effort into making sure that all your traffic sources are tagged correctly. See for an intro to tagging your traffic correctly. But even if all your traffic is tagged perfectly, it is not guaranteed that your web site will not destroy these tags in some situations e.g. 301 and 302 redirects. I had seen this happen with a Magento site which had an SEO plugin which when implemented, appeared to reduce conversions from Google Shopping traffic in Analytics to zero (though it took a while to work out what was happening as it only affected Shopping campaigns and not other AdWords campaigns, because 301 redirects were only…

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