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AdSense Earnings Last 12 Months


NB – Most of the earnings came from the PPC / AdWords Vouchers page.

Google AdSense can make you a reasonable amount of money from your web site if you are in the right niche, and you have a decent amount of traffic.

PPCNI has an absolutely tiny amount of traffic compared to most sites, but still managed to make approx $733 USD / €630 EUR / £570 GBP in a year from AdSense.

It’s easy to sign up and become part of the Google Display Network if you want to give it a try.

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AdSense Earnings For This Site 2013


After hosting and domain reservation fees etc. this amounts to a profit of around £160 (approx $266, €193).

The RPM is pretty impressive, though I have a feeling that if I was getting 100 million page views, I would find my RPM mysteriously decreasing…

PS – I know it is almost April 2014, but better late than never.

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AdSense Earnings For For 2012



£425.86 isn’t bad considering that this site doesn’t get a huge number of visitors.

However, if I was to sit down and work out how many hours I spent writing blog posts for this site, and was relying solely on AdSense income, I would probably be working for about £1 an hour!

For anyone who is not sure what AdSense is, here is the official link from Google :-


I’d show you all the page views and RPM etc, but according to the Google AdSense Terms Of Service, I am not allowed to do that (they prefer people to brag about making loads of money rather than talking about the *huge* number of page views required to make it. :-)


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New 300×600 (Massive) AdSense Ad Unit Now Available In The UK

Just to prove it here is a live one :-

Pretty big isn’t it? (Though this is not a very good example if you are only seeing one or two text ads above and the rest of the space is empty – but you get the idea…)

It will take a while for all advertisers to get image ads / rich media ads done for this size of ad unit – but I’m willing to bet that most publishers will see an increase in revenues by using this ad unit…

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