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What Is Bing Ads’ Market Share In The UK?

I read this article

recently which says that Bing’s market share in the UK is now 17.8%.

Here’s an old article of my own using 2014 data –

which showed it was pretty close to 10%.

This is a bit out of date now, so let’s look at the last full six months of e-commerce PPC only data for the UK from 1st August 2015 to 31st January 2016.

Bing Ads Sessions = 20.87%!

Bing Ads Revenue = 15.45%! (Transaction value up 15% from the same period the previous year compared to only a 5% increase from AdWords).

*The Bing Ads and Google AdWords accounts for this e-commerce site are not directly comparable (different amounts of brand traffic and shopping traffic to name just 2 factors) and lots of factors outside my control can affect results. Even so, it does look like Bing is starting to take market share from Google!

**From what I’ve seen so far, there is a much bigger difference in the amount of revenue you can get from Google Shopping compared to Bing Shopping. Hopefully this will change in the not too distant future.

***This is a pretty small sample.

For the Republic of Ireland it doesn’t look quite so rosy yet – but hopefully Bing won’t forget about our friends ‘Down South’.

NB – for e-commerce sites I think it’s sensible to count ‘market share’ as ‘share of revenue generated’.

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Bing Ads Now Showing On AOL UK


It’ll be interesting to see how AOL performs compared to Yahoo, Bing and Google though it’ll be a long time before you can be sure if you are in the UK as their market share is so tiny. Bing reckon you should be able to increase Bing Ads clicks by around 5% by including AOL in your search network campaigns. Though it’s not clear if they are talking about worldwide or just USA when they say this (Bing tend to think the world revolves around the USA more than Google)…

You don’t need to make any changes to existing campaigns / ad groups for them to start showing on AOL. In fact there doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping them from showing on AOL!

Also, this doesn’t apply to the Republic of Ireland.

Full details –

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UK Bing Shopping Ads For All Advertisers – Mid October 2015

I’ve been reliably informed that Bing Product Ads will be made available to the UK market mid October 2015.

Bing Product Ads have been available in the USA, and to some of the bigger UK advertisers for a while now.

Though shopping ads seem to rarely show as yet in the UK, here is one example:-


It seems fairly straightforward to import campaigns from AdWords, so it’s definitely one to implement for e-commerce sites once it becomes available.

Further info (USA version):-

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Is it worth setting up a Bing Ads Account (In The UK)?

Here’s the ratio of AdWords to Bing Ads Sales for 2014 for 2 e-commerce sites and one lead generation site I look after:


ROAS and CPAs are fairly similar between AdWords & Bing Ads.

Approximately 10% of PPC traffic / sales / leads from Bing Ads seems to be a ballpark figure for the UK at least.

I haven’t much data on Bing Ads campaigns in the Republic of Ireland yet, but from Microsoft’s own figures, I think you would be lucky to get more than 7% of your PPC traffic / sales / leads from Bing Ads when targeting ‘Down South’.

So, to answer the question that is the title of this blog post, ‘probably’.

If you are getting very few leads or sales from AdWords then it may not be worth all the effort of getting Bing Ads set up and maintained properly. But if you are already doing well with AdWords and getting all you can from your AdWords campaigns already, then you can increase your sales / leads by approximately 10% by using Bing Ads…

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Bing Ads Traffic v AdWords (Republic Of Ireland)

How much PPC traffic can you get from Bing Ads (Bing & Yahoo) in the Republic Of Ireland compared to

It’s something I was unable to find the answer to on the internet, so after an online chat session with the very nice Bing Ads support people, the answer is…

Reach in Eire is 10.5 million for AdWords, and .733 million for Bing/Yahoo. So, all things being equal, you should be able to get around 7% of the traffic/enquiries/sales from Bing Ads as you can get from Google AdWords.


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Bing Ads Sitelinks Now Available In Ireland (And The UK).

In a surprising move (surprising in that it took them so long), Microsoft have copied Google yet again, and made Bing Ads more like AdWords.

(These have actually have been for around 20 days now… Sorry for being so slow to point this out.).

At any rate, it looks like the majority of advertisers are not taking advantage of this yet, so make sure you get sitelinks added to all your Bing Ads campaigns to make them stand out from the competition before everyone starts doing it!

For anyone who wonders what I am talking about, here is an example of what sitelinks look like on Bing UK (The links for ‘Astro Trainers’, ‘Football Boots’, ‘Running Shoes’, ‘Infant Trainers’) :-


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