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The Path To Purchase

Thanks to Google for some information that is actually useful ( ).

Here’s the summary for UK traffic compared to USA traffic, which backs up what I said I thought I knew on twitter not so long ago about Display ads in the UK compared to the USA (though I am surprised that a social click in the UK is more ‘last interaction’ than it is in the USA). I must also point out that the Organic traffic probably looks better than PPC because a higher proportion of organic traffic will come from brand keywords.





Back to the UK again, it also shows what is fairly obvious to anyone who has been doing business online for any length of time. A lot of people take a lot of time to make up their minds and actually make the purchase after visiting your web site, and the higher the value of the purchase, the longer it takes…:-


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Merchant Center / AdWords Shopping Campaigns

So, how long does it take for products in Merchant Center to start showing in Google Shopping campaign in AdWords?

I asked the question after there were far fewer products in AdWords than should have been the case.

Apparently, ‘Ideally it should take less than one hour’ for the products to synch between the two products.

So if you are wondering where all your stuff is, give it an hour or 2 and try again… (I have to admit I didn’t get round to trying it again until the following day – but around 18 extra hours certainly made a big difference).

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Google Trusted Stores / Google Trusted Shops In The UK

There is little doubt that this will play an important part in ranking items in Google Shopping in the future.

So if you have an e-commerce site in the UK you cannot afford to ignore it.

I’m not sure why it is called ‘Trusted Shops’ in Google Merchant Center and ‘Trusted Stores’ everywhere else online, but if you are wondering if/when this will be available in the UK, it seems likely that it will be in the second half of 2013. So now you know.

Though it looks like you are out of luck if you ship less than 500 orders a month…

Google Shopping’s Google Trusted Stores program is a clear indicator of a quality merchant under Google’s ranking algorithm. Eligibility requirements include 500 orders shipped per month, more than 90 percent shipped on time, and excellent customer service (likely equivalent to 95 percent or higher seller feedback on Amazon.)


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Google Shopping Coupon For £75 For UK Businesses

Like it or not, in the near future, all Google Shopping UK traffic to your web site will have to be paid for.

To soften the blow (albeit not very much), you can apply for a £75 coupon and 10% off your spend until the end of June 2013*.

Here is the official Google link :-



* They say you have to be advertising all products in your Merchant Center account to get the 10% discount which on the face of it seems a little bit unfair. e.g. if you have a couple of products in Merchant Center which you are deliberately not currently advertising in Product Listing Ads it seems Google can decide that you are not eligible for the discount which makes a mockery of anyone who has put a lot of work into setting up their shopping feed correctly and are using the ‘adwords_publish’ attribute. It remains to be seen how strictly they will enforce this. If they are going to be very strict about it, and your PLA spend is pretty high, then it would be worth removing products you don’t want to advertise from your feed completely…

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3D Images For Google Shopping

There is no doubt that decent product images can help you sell a product.

Google shopping (paid or unpaid still in the UK) can make up quite a large percentage of your online sales.

If you are selling the same product at the same price as someone else, but they have an amazing 3D image of the product, I am guessing that they will be getting more sales than you…

As with any of these new fangled type things, it’s not a massive deal just yet – but it will be, so you may as well look into this now rather than later on when it’s too late!

See :-

Blog Post –

Sample 3D Images (I have to admit that these are pretty amazing) –

Sign Up Form –

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How Much Traffic Can You Get From Free Google Shopping Results VS Paid Product Listing Ads?

It varies, but here is one example :-

At any rate – while getting your products listed in the Google Shopping results is still free in the UK, if you have an e-commerce site, and you don’t already have a Google Merchant Center account set up – do it now!

PS – As far as I know there are still no concrete plans to introduce ‘paid only’ clicks on Google Shopping results in the UK – but it’s already happened in the USA – so I guess the free clicks won’t last for ever.

PPS – I still haven’t heard when Google Shopping will implemented for the Republic of Ireland. If anyone does hear about either of these things – I’d love to know. :-)

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Got Problems With AdWords Product Listing Ads?

I’ve noticed with a few clients recently that there are more and more products in their Google Merchant Center accounts that are being disapproved for ‘Product Search’.

These products are *not* guns or drugs or fake goods and they do use upper case excessively.

Naturally, I asked (on a number of occasions) AdWords and Merchant Center support to please tell me why these items had been disapproved.

Here is one email I got from the ‘Google Product Search Team’ –

Hello Jordan,

Thank you for your patience!

Our Technical Team has reviewed your Product Listing ads and can confirm that your ads have been correctly disapproved, the reason for this is because we have recently implemented some changes on Google Shopping designed to ensure that all products displayed in results adhere to our program policies ( These changes have resulted in the removal of certain products from Google Shopping results; some products that were previously displayed in results no longer appear or may be disapproved and some queries in Google Shopping may show less results.

Because we share proprietary technology with other Google products, we are unable to comment on specific aspects of the Google Shopping algorithm that may affect your products. However, please know that we’re continuously reviewing our policy enforcement processes and we look forward to improving the way we evaluate products for inclusion over the coming months.

Our content providers are extremely important to us and we understand that some changes made to the product may affect a merchant’s products and traffic. We share similar goals with our content providers and our hope is that the changes we make to the product will provide an increasingly useful shopping experience for shoppers and advertisers.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for understanding!

Have a great day! :)


But, funnily enough, I did still have concerns, so I replied with the following :-

Is there any way we can tell *why* the item has been disapproved? i.e. is it because of the text in the description or because of the EAN or product category?

Here is the reply I got :-

Hello Jordan,

Thank you for writing back!

I understand your concern and I know you would like to know about the reason for the disapproval of your Product Listing Ads.

To be frank even I’m not privy to the reason why your ads were disapproved. As I had stated in my previous email due to the nature of the product and the fact that it shares proprietary technology with other Google products, I am unable to shed more light on specific aspects of the Google Shopping algorithm that may affect your products.

I am sorry that I could not be of more help in this matter, I tried to do the best I could but as I’m not the one who frames the rules or the policies the final decision was not with me.

Please do let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with!

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and I thank you for your understanding.

So there you go – if you have any difficulty getting products approved for Product Listing Ads – remember – Google do not give a shit! (Though I have no doubt that support do their best).

Here is the link to the Google Shopping policies for info.:-

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