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Comments Off on Passed the Google Shopping Advertising Exam.

Passed the Google Shopping Advertising Exam.


I’m not sure which one I got wrong.

It may have been the one which asked ‘how do you increase clicks on a campaign that is limited by budget’.

There were 2 correct answers.

1. Increase budget.
2. Decrease bids.

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Google Shopping ROAS bidding

Seems to be working reasonably well in most cases so far…

Here’s one example :-


This is a campaign that is somewhat seasonal, and it would usually make more sense to compare to ‘previous year’ rather than ‘previous period’, but I couldn’t in this particular case. At any rate it is still a bigger improvement than another shopping campaign in this account that has using enhanced CPC bidding during the same periods.


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AdWords Top vs Other & Search Partners Clicks

Does conversion rate vary by ad position? Yes (but not usually very significantly).

Does it matter? No.

Is it worth paying to stay ‘Top Of Page’ all the time? No.*

Will the lower CTR from Google Search ‘Other’ affect your quality score? No.

Will the lower CTR from Search Partners affect your quality score? No.

Will the lower CTR from Google Display Network affect your quality score? No.

Should Search Partners be excluded? No. *

Lead generation example:


E-commerce example:


*There are exceptions to every rule. :-)


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SEO Is Dead

I know this is the least original headline in the entire world, but I couldn’t resist using it.

Here is a screen shot of a recent search I did from my Android phone. Not only are organic results below the fold but so are the Google Local / My Business results as well!


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Passed The AdWords Search Advertising Exam Again

OK  – you could say that getting 8 questions wrong was pretty poor, but in my defence I did have 1 hour 31 minutes left on the clock at the end of the exam, and I would rather get on with some actual work than spend lots of time trying to figure out some badly worded, ambiguous multiple choice questions..

The actual questions on this exam haven’t changed much in the last 3 years. There was no mention of Conversions (opt) or Final URLs for instance.adwords-search-ad-exam-aug-2015


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Brand Keywords

There’s an article worth reading on brand CPCs over at

While it’s true that Google push things too far sometimes and want to have their cake and eat it, you can’t afford to ignore the value of brand keywords.

Make sure you set realistic bids on them (don’t pay more than they are worth) and use negative keywords to exclude your brand keywords from other campaigns / ad groups.

Here’s a recent example from a lead generation site in Ireland.




Check out the difference in CPC and cost per converted click!


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