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Blog | Free 3 x $100 AdWords Vouchers.



Free 3 x $100 AdWords Vouchers.

PPCNI has three of these up for grabs. Just leave a comment if you want one (preferably saying what you would use it for).

No strings attached.

Valid for use on most Google AdWords accounts that have not already had a voucher applied, and are less than 14 days old.

These vouchers are valid until 15th April 2012.

Just leave a comment below about what you would use it for. The best 3 will get the voucher by email….

PS – if you are not lucky enough to get this one – then see the following post for details on how you can get a £30 or £50 voucher –

Free AdWords Coupons For Everyone!

  1. please send coupons to my MAIL

  2. I want to promote my medicine business using google but have never done this before, so these $100 will be perfect for me to start learning. I prefer learning to do it myself instead of paying some other company to do it. :)


  3. i have a website and i need this voucher to increase the number of visitors my website and have more traffic
    thank you very much for this Opportunity
    and i will be very happy if i get this voucher :)

  4. OK everyone.
    A voucher code is on it’s way to each of you.
    Don’t forget to read my top 20+ AdWords Tips in order to get the most out of these vouchers.

  5. thank you very much for the voucher
    and off course i will read your article about 20+ adwords tips
    thanks again
    have a nice day :)

  6. You’re welcome.

  7. hello
    this is great and informative site.thanks for giving vouchers

  8. Thank you so much for the Voucher.

    Now going through your 20+ adword tips article to use the credit wisely :)

  9. Thank you very much and you are amazing.
    I got coupon code of $100.

    thanks . i subscribing for your blog.

  10. Can I please have a voucher?

  11. please send the coupon code …thank you…………..

  12. As I said already….

    They are long gone.

    But stay tuned as I’ll be giving some more away in the near future.

  13. hi
    has anyone tried ngguide. com / adwords ? they claim to have a method to generate 100 adwords vouchers per day.

    I’m thinking about buying their guide for 10 dollars

  14. Sounds very much like a scam to me.
    If it does currently work – it’ll not be long before it will be closed down.
    Anyway – pretty much *everyone* is entitled to a free voucher – see –
    Also – if you become an AdWords Qualified Professional, Google send you 20 £75 vouchers every 3 months!

  15. wow.. i would like to have one for my website, i also want to try the ppc method to know actually how it may affects my traffic

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