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Blog | Free £75 AdWords Voucher (Valid in all countries).



Free £75 AdWords Voucher (Valid in all countries).

Google have recently changed the terms for their vouchers so that you have to set up a new account and spend £25 within 31 days to qualify for the £75 worth of free clicks.

But I am giving away one of the old ones that you can apply to new accounts (or most accounts that are not very old) which gives you £75 of free clicks without you having to spend any of your own money first.

(No strings attached.)

Valid for use on Google AdWords accounts that have not already had a voucher applied, and are less than 14 days old (though they seem to work on some accounts that are older – don’t ask me why).

Just leave a comment below about what you would use it for.

The best one will get the voucher by email within a few days….

If you do avail of this offer, be sure to check out the PPCNI

Top 20 AdWords Tips

article to maximise the value for money that you get from these coupons….

If you would like to read a bit more about Pay Per Click advertising see our About PPC page.

NB – If you are not lucky enough to win the £75 voucher, click on the following link for details on how to get an AdWords coupon worth at least £30 or $50 :-

If you would like a voucher for more than £30, then please subscribe to the PPCNI blog, as we regularly give away bigger vouchers …

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