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Improve Conversion Rates On Your eCommerce Site (NOW)…

I had mentioned in a previous post about (the widely publicised) fact that Debenhams had decreased shopping cart abandonment by 23% simply by giving users the option to checkout without creating an account (the customer is still asked for the same details, but are *not* forced to create a user name and password which they will probably forget anyway).

So this worked well for Debenhams. How would it work for a small to medium sized local business?

Here are the results one of my customers got :-

Before ‘Checkout Without Account’ Option

After ‘Checkout Without Account’ Option

OK (gets calculator out)…..

That is an 18.5% increase in customers willing to proceed past the first stage of the checkout process!

This resulted in 16.2% more people actually completing the checkout process.

So, the message is clear. If you want to increase sales without increasing your Pay Per Click or SEO budgets – give the customer what they want and allow them to use a ‘fast checkout’…

If anyone else has any similar experiences, or needs any further information on this – please post a comment on this blog post.  Thanks.

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