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Blog | New ‘Enhanced CPC Bidding’ Option in Google AdWords…



New ‘Enhanced CPC Bidding’ Option in Google AdWords…

This looks very interesting, particularly if you have conversion tracking turned on but are short of the 15 conversions in a  30 day period needed to use Conversion Optimizer.

I’ll be trying this out, and will publish my findings in the near future…

Update – 19th August 2010 – Already running into problems using AdWords editor in conjunction with Enhanced CPC bidding.  Basically it doesn’t work (along with a plethora of other relatively new features in AdWords) – here is the email from AdWords support that I received recently about a similar problem (in this case it was iPad targeting that had caused the problem):-

Error 211 is caused by campaigns that are using any of these new features:
Enhanced CPC, Average CPC bidding, target CPA bidding, many-per-click
conversion deduplication mode, targeting options like user vertical, boom
user list, mobile application, mobile carrier, mobile operating system,
iPad device targeting. I can see, for example, that you are targeting iPad
mobile devices in your campaign ********** so that could be causing the

In the case that you are using any of these features in the online AdWords
account you will need to review your campaigns settings, disable any of
the above features, ‘Get Recent Changes’ in Editor, make changes, upload
changes and re-enable the features in AdWords.

Once this is done, you should have no further issues with the keywords.”

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