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Blog | New Option To Show Your AdWords Ads That Convert Better More Often…



New Option To Show Your AdWords Ads That Convert Better More Often…

There used to be 2 options in Google AdWords for how different ads in the same ad group were shown.

‘Optimize for clicks’, and ‘Rotate’.

There is a now new option ‘Optimize for conversions’.

It is not entirely clear yet exactly how well this will work, and it is not possible to set up an AdWords experiment to determine how well it works, as the setting is at the campaign level.

It is important to note however that if one ad converts better than another ad – this setting does not guarantee that the ‘better’ ad will always be shown just that ‘Ads expected to provide more conversions are delivered more often into the ad auction than other ads in the ad group’. So if your better converting ad has a very poor CTR compared to an ad that doesn’t convert so well, then I think it is unlikely that the better converting ad will win the auction and get displayed (Why would Google take this opportunity to get significantly less clicks and make significantly less money for themselves?).

Also, (although this depends a lot on your niche and what you are selling / giving away I guess), but I have to say that I have not seen a big difference in conversion rates for differently worded adverts anyway, so long as you look at the results over a long enough period of time. If anyone else has seen drastically different results in conversion rates after thousands of conversions, then please let me know!


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