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A Free £75 (GBP) Google AdWords voucher

Just post a comment with a story or interesting information that is relevant in some way to internet marketing.

Most interesting post gets the voucher emailed to them.

Closing date – 22nd September 2010.

Note – this voucher is long gone – but I am giving away another Google AdWords Coupon In This Post

  1. [New Post] A Free £75 (GBP) Google AdWords voucher – via #twitoaster

  2. Interesting information relevant in some way to internet marketing.

    According to the leaked info at Adage, there are only four companies spending more than $5 million per month on Google ads, as the numbers for June 2010 show. Some of them are known to the public and somewhat to be expected, AT&T or Amazon, but Expedia, a travel site, and Apollo Group, a company owning several learning institutions, are a bit more surprising. Note that the numbers cover just the US, as is obvious from the top names. Other big spenders are eBay, with over $4 million and and several others. BP which spent nearly $3.6 million on search advertising in June.

    Below is the link for the full article

    Pls mail the adwords voucher to see how efficient is the adwords for small companies

  3. OK – since the response for this give away has been totally underwhelming – the decision is easy – the voucher goes to Amit for his comment above.
    The voucher is on it’s way to you now Amit.

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