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AdWords Remarketing?

I saw this advert on one of my own web sites today :-

AdSense Dating Advert

One of the big improvements that has been made fairly recently in the life of the Google Display Network is that you can target potential customers based on their interests i.e. sites they have previously visited, or you can ‘remarket’ to them i.e. target them based on pages on your own site they have previously visited.

I just want to state for the record that the ad above must not have been using either of the above methods to appear in front of me!

Update – 30th Jan 2012 – I’m starting to get paranoid now. Here’s another one I’m seeing:-

mmmmm. No Jane, I don’t remember you, sorry…

For reference – this is actually quite a good Display Network image ad. It’s professional looking, engaging, and has a good call to action.

Update – 8th February 2012 – getting *really* paranoid now :-

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