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AdWords Seller Ratings

Irritatingly, Google have decided that you now need at least 30 reviews *in the last 12 months* to be given the AdWords Seller Ratings stars on your AdWords ads.

Here is the official post from Google :-

The really ironic thing about this is that if you are an SMB, in order to be sure you get AdWords Seller ratings, you will now need to turn to a third party review site instead of relying on Google Wallet which very few people actually use as a payment option. Another good reason for SMBs to not bother with Google Wallet as a payment option.

If there was anyone at Google with any sense – they would give website owners an automated option of asking for customer reviews in a similar way that Shopzilla and Trustpilot do. This would increase brand awareness for Google Wallet, and keep Google’s smaller customers happy too (though maybe Google no longer give a damn about small customers…)

For those of you wondering if you should even bother to get Seller Ratings – read the following sentence from Google :

On average, ads with Seller Ratings get a 17% higher CTR than the same ads without ratings.


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