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Passed The AdWords Search Advertising Exam Again

OK  – you could say that getting 8 questions wrong was pretty poor, but in my defence I did have 1 hour 31 minutes left on the clock at the end of the exam, and I would rather get on with some actual work than spend lots of time trying to figure out some badly worded, ambiguous multiple choice questions.. The actual questions on this exam haven’t changed much in the last 3 years. There was no mention of Conversions (opt) or Final URLs for instance.  



Brand Keywords

There’s an article worth reading on brand CPCs over at While it’s true that Google push things too far sometimes and want to have their cake and eat it, you can’t afford to ignore the value of brand keywords. Make sure you set realistic bids on them (don’t pay more than they are worth) and use negative keywords to exclude your brand keywords from other campaigns / ad groups. Here’s a recent example from a lead generation site in Ireland.     Check out the difference in CPC and cost per converted click!  



Is it worth setting up a Bing Ads Account (In The UK)?

Here’s the ratio of AdWords to Bing Ads Sales for 2014 for 2 e-commerce sites and one lead generation site I look after: ROAS and CPAs are fairly similar between AdWords & Bing Ads. Approximately 10% of PPC traffic / sales / leads from Bing Ads seems to be a ballpark figure for the UK at least. I haven’t much data on Bing Ads campaigns in the Republic of Ireland yet, but from Microsoft’s own figures, I think you would be lucky to get more than 7% of your PPC traffic / sales / leads from Bing Ads when targeting ‘Down South’. So, to answer the question that is the title of this blog post, ‘probably’. If you are getting very few leads or sales from AdWords then it may not be worth all the effort of getting Bing Ads set up and maintained properly. But if you are already…

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Google Shopping – Effect Of Price On Performance

What effect does decreasing prices (excluding delivery) have on the performance of Google Shopping campaigns? Here is one example with a fair amount of data :- Of course, this is not definitive proof that you should never offer free delivery, but it is food for thought. If anyone else has any evidence to the contrary, I would love to hear about it!



The Ultimate Negative Keyword List?

This is still in the early stages, but I’ll be adding to this spreadsheet a lot in the future (and hopefully other people will as well) :- Anyone can add their own stuff / amend / publish / sell / profit from this spreadsheet which is totally in the public domain etc. I’ve added comments at the top of each column for reference. There are negative locations thrown in as well if you want to exclude most countries in the world form seeing your ads. If you find it helpful, please share it.

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