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Google My Business

Bearing in mind my business is ‘in the sticks’ and not many people need to actually visit me, it looks like Google My Business is definitely worth using…


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AdWords Fundamentals Exam Problems (Outside the USA).

This one caused me much consternation, as my exam had expired, and I was unable to retake it for 5 days before support worked out what the problem was! Turned out, that I had to change the language from “English (United Kingdom)” to “English (United States)” before it would let me start the exam! So now you know if anyone else outside the USA is having the same problem. More info below (and, yes I did pass by the way, and yes, it does still include some *very* ambiguous / poorly worded questions)…


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AdWords ROAS Bidding

If you are using AdWords with an e-commerce site and have a decent amount of traffic and sales then you should definitely check this out. Here’s some real world examples:-


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Passed the Google Shopping Advertising Exam.

I’m not sure which one I got wrong. It may have been the one which asked ‘how do you increase clicks on a campaign that is limited by budget’. There were 2 correct answers. 1. Increase budget. 2. Decrease bids.



Google Shopping ROAS bidding

Seems to be working reasonably well in most cases so far… Here’s one example :- This is a campaign that is somewhat seasonal, and it would usually make more sense to compare to ‘previous year’ rather than ‘previous period’, but I couldn’t in this particular case. At any rate it is still a bigger improvement than another shopping campaign in this account that has using enhanced CPC bidding during the same periods.  

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