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AdSense Auto Ads

It’s been over a month since I enabled these now. Here’s the story so far (not very impressive to be honest).

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AdSense Clicks by Ad Size

If you don’t already use responsive / dynamic search ads, then you should consider doing so  ASAP…

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12 Months AdSense Earnings

Here’s the revenue form for the last full 12 months.

Moral of the story – don’t rely on AdSense revenue as your sole source of income!

There’s also the not insignificant problem with AdSense clicks taking people away from your web site to someone else’s. But if it is a good potential client I’m pretty sure they’ll not be distracted by this.

I’ve decided to turn on AdSense ‘Auto Ads‘ to see how they perform, though it looks like they may be overly intrusive at times.

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AdSense Earnings Last 12 Months


NB – Most of the earnings came from the PPC / AdWords Vouchers page.

Google AdSense can make you a reasonable amount of money from your web site if you are in the right niche, and you have a decent amount of traffic.

PPCNI has an absolutely tiny amount of traffic compared to most sites, but still managed to make approx $733 USD / €630 EUR / £570 GBP in a year from AdSense.

It’s easy to sign up and become part of the Google Display Network if you want to give it a try.

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AdSense Earnings For This Site 2013


After hosting and domain reservation fees etc. this amounts to a profit of around £160 (approx $266, €193).

The RPM is pretty impressive, though I have a feeling that if I was getting 100 million page views, I would find my RPM mysteriously decreasing…

PS – I know it is almost April 2014, but better late than never.

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AdSense Earnings For For 2012



£425.86 isn’t bad considering that this site doesn’t get a huge number of visitors.

However, if I was to sit down and work out how many hours I spent writing blog posts for this site, and was relying solely on AdSense income, I would probably be working for about £1 an hour!

For anyone who is not sure what AdSense is, here is the official link from Google :-


I’d show you all the page views and RPM etc, but according to the Google AdSense Terms Of Service, I am not allowed to do that (they prefer people to brag about making loads of money rather than talking about the *huge* number of page views required to make it. :-)


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