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Microsoft adCenter Vouchers.

Where can you find one of these?

Well….. you don’t need one!

When you set up a new account for yourself (or a client), just ask the lovely support people at Microsoft to add £30 of credit to your account, and they will do it without asking any questions.

I have heard a number of people say that they have availed of this offer, and Microsoft adCenter support did it for me in the very recent past.

If you are running any sort of size of Internet advertising campaign, then £30 is not a lot of money – but it is better for you to have it than Microsoft!

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The Big Microsoft / Yahoo Merger…

There has been a *lot* written about this on the internet.

But no-one seemed to be answering the practical question

“So, when can I set up an advertising campaign on Microsoft AdCenter, and have it appear on Yahoo without it requiring any extra work?”

So – I rang the lovely support people at Microsoft AdCenter (twice) on their very easy to find 0800 number (Google support please take note…)

The first time they said:

“Oh, errr, well it could be something like a year before AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing are fully integrated!”

The second time they said:

“Well…. It might be 2 years!”

So if you are currently considering waiting for the merger to complete before setting up your adverts for the combined Microsoft / Yahoo ad network – you could be waiting quite some time!

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