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Google Shopping (Republic of Ireland)

If you can export to Ireland (as in the part of Ireland that uses Euro as a currency not the other part which uses GBP as currency), and haven’t set this up already, it’s worth doing so.

Here’s last 30 days for a quite niche shopping campaign :-

Here’s another one:-

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Google Shopping Comes To Ireland (Republic Of)


Well, shopping ads are not showing in the search results yet, but you *can* prepare and submit a Google Shopping feed now for ‘Down South’ in Google Merchant Center, and they should start showing ‘soon’.


Google support currently don’t know when ‘soon’ is, but it doesn’t look like we are talking 2017 (hopefully), which is good since the current weakness of GBP has made exporting to other English speaking countries more important than ever if you are located in the UK.

Update – 27th October, 2016 – I have now seen some impressions in the wild for Google IRL Shoppnig campaigns. I’m still not seeing a shopping tab in the Google search results on so I sent an email to support to see what the situation was. Here is their reply –


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Google Shopping Brand Campaigns

I’ve been doing this for a long while now, thanks to the great idea form Martin Roettgerding – here’s the original blog post –

It’s definitely worth doing.

Here’s an example from one account showing how it can be used to lower bids on non brand terms and reduce the amount of money wasted on them and just how big a difference there is between Return On Ad Spend for brand and non brand terms…


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AdWords ROAS – Male vs Female


So, who should you bid more on? Male or female? It will depend on what you are selling. Here’s a sample from one account:-


Which suggests in this case that women are more likely to click on ads and are less likely to convert.

But it will be interesting to see how it pans out once demographic bidding for search campaigns becomes available on all accounts…


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AdWords ROAS Bidding

If you are using AdWords with an e-commerce site and have a decent amount of traffic and sales then you should definitely check this out.

Here’s some real world examples:-




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Google Shopping ROAS bidding

Seems to be working reasonably well in most cases so far…

Here’s one example :-


This is a campaign that is somewhat seasonal, and it would usually make more sense to compare to ‘previous year’ rather than ‘previous period’, but I couldn’t in this particular case. At any rate it is still a bigger improvement than another shopping campaign in this account that has using enhanced CPC bidding during the same periods.


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Mobile / Tablet / Computer Stats 2015

You’re probably all tired of hearing about how mobile traffic is so important these days, but here is some actual data from a UK account which proves the point.

From 2013 to 2015


You can see how much mobile traffic is closing up with computer (desktop+laptop) traffic, but perhaps more interesting is the fact that mobile (non tablet) traffic has closed the gap on tablet traffic compared to a few years ago. Smart phones have been getting bigger, better and more usable for surfing the internet over the last few years, so this must be having an impact on phone use relative to tablet use.

For 2015


E-Commerce conversion rates are still a lot higher for computers, even though this site works really well on mobile devices.


Hence, the revenue from mobile hasn’t caught up with computers as much as the visits / sessions have.


Does this matter if you are using CPA bidding or adjusting CPC Bids for mobile devices? No*.

Does this mean your site needs to be optimised to work well on smart phones and tablets? Yes.

Does this take into account indirect conversions (people researching on mobile then buying on another device)? No.

Is Google lying when they say that there is generally no difference in conversion rates between tablets and computers? Yes.



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UK Bing Shopping Ads For All Advertisers – Mid October 2015

I’ve been reliably informed that Bing Product Ads will be made available to the UK market mid October 2015.

Bing Product Ads have been available in the USA, and to some of the bigger UK advertisers for a while now.

Though shopping ads seem to rarely show as yet in the UK, here is one example:-


It seems fairly straightforward to import campaigns from AdWords, so it’s definitely one to implement for e-commerce sites once it becomes available.

Further info (USA version):-

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