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‘Google AdWords’ To Become ‘Google Ads’

Here’s the official email from Google.

What difference will this make? Very little. Though it does make me wonder why it was ever called ‘AdWords’ in the first place rather than just ‘Ads’.

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AdWords Conversion Attribution

There is currently a big push underway to persuade PPC managers to switch from a last click attribution model.

In my experience so far it’s not making a big difference, but it does make sense to not attribute 100% of conversion value to the last click.

A brief starters guide is…

High value (long conversion path) items – use Position Based.
Medium / low priced/margin items – use Time Decay.
Have *loads* of conversion data – use Data Driven.

There are also rumours that Last Click will be dropped entirely by Google as an attribution model. But if that is the case it’ll be a long way into the future yet (I think).

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