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AdWords Automated Bidding Strategies

Some of these work very well given enough conversions data, but beware of not setting a max cpc bid limit and beware of messages telling you that spend is being massively limited by your max bid limit e.g.

98% of spend limited! It’s telling me, explicitly, that I could be getting a huge amount of extra traffic, an, implicitly, that I wouldn’t be paying any extra for conversions.

However, the bid strategy above is using a Max CPC that is *the same* as the target CPA! So unless the conversion rate gets better than 100% ! I’ll be leaving the max bid limits where they are thanks very much…

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AdWords UK Targeting – Akrotiri and Dhekelia

Just a heads up to anyone targeting the UK in any AdWords campaigns.

You may want to exclude the following location unless you can deliver your goods to Cyprus as easily as you can deliver them to GB. Though it only has a reach of 6,000 so it unlikely to cost you much if you don’t exclude it.

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Google Mobile Advertising Exam

I have to admit that when it comes to mobile ‘app’ related questions, of which there are many on the exam, I am not an expert. I have personally never used ‘Firebase’ for app conversion tracking example…

If you exclude all the stuff about app installs, app promotion and deep linking to apps, there was actually very little on the exam about best practice for AdWords advertising on mobile devices for small to medium sized business (to my mind anyway)..

But apparently I know enough about mobile advertising to be given a  personalised certificate…

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Comments Off on Google Shopping Exam

Google Shopping Exam

Got an email recently from Google telling me I had passed my shopping exam !

(For the record it is approx 11 months since I last sat it. Either this is a bug in their system or else they are giving this qualification now to people who haven’t sat the exam!)…

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Comments Off on AdWords Enhanced CPC Bid Caps To Be Removed!

AdWords Enhanced CPC Bid Caps To Be Removed!


A date when this is due to go live would be nice… Watch some of your max CPCs at the individual search term level rocket (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I’m willing to bet that a lot of these converting search terms will have a very good average position and impression share already) !

*Update – apparently these changes are starting to roll out early June 2017…

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