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Google ‘Engage’ (Free AdWords Vouchers)…

This looks like a good way to get your hands on free AdWords Vouchers :-

It is free to join, and you don’t have to be an agency!

If this sounds too much like hard work – then you can always get £30 of free advertising or $75 of free advertising by clicking here.

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Google AdWords Scam

There is a fake email doing the rounds at present which says


Your Google Adwords Account has stopped running this morning.

Some of the ads have stopped running today (Wednesday, 12 January 2011).

If you want to get your ad back up and running you need to optimize the campaign to improve the CTR. The link below has some helpful tips, but, in a nutshell, you need to look at your keywords and your ad text. Make sure your keywords are jighly relevant and then make sure that each keyword in the ad group makes sense in terms of the ad text associated with this ad group (usually this means you need to create more ad groups with a smaller number of keywords). Having a tight connection between keywords and ad text helps improve CTR, which should fix your problem.

Click here to get your ads back up.

Please note: if you do not verify the status of your account and notify us if your ads do not appear online, we cannot help you.

© 2011 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043


Google will never send you an email asking you to ‘click here to get your ads back up’, and usually emails from Google do not have spelling mistakes either…..

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Should You Use ‘Title Case’ For Display URL Domain Names in Google AdWords?

This is something that you could test to see if it made any difference e.g.

instead of

Though in my experience it seemed to make very little difference indeed to the click through rate of the ads.

But now this is a moot point anyway as Google have decided to keep all domains and sub-domains in the display URLs of AdWords adverts lower case!

See :-

But what I find really interesting about this is – have a look at the display URL for Google’s own advert for Google AdWords :-


mmmm…….. I guess this will change in the next week or so….

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Problems Applying Vouchers In The New AdWords Billing Tab.

For anyone who has set up a new AdWords account recently – you may have come across a new version of the billing tab, which, among other things, changes the way in which you apply vouchers to a new account.  Unfortunately (unless this has been fixed already) it actually makes it *impossible* to apply a voucher to a new account.  As you can see from the screen shot below:-

There is a ‘More Actions’ button, under which there supposedly should be an option to apply a voucher.  However, after trying to do this on 3 different web browsers on 2 different PCs, I had to admit defeat and contact Google AdWords support.  After a day or so they did apply the voucher for me, and told me it was due to a ‘temporary technical problem’.  So if anyone else is still experiencing this , then at least you now know what it is (sort of)…

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Google AdWords Support Sucks (OK – Not all the time)…

When you have a company as big as Google, it is obviously impossible to ensure that every single employee is at the top of their game, and sometimes mistakes will be made. This is unavoidable.

But it has happened to me once too often now for me to ignore it…

A relatively simple billing problem took 21 days to get resolved!

This involved a large number of emails between me and AdWords support, during which they obviously referred to someone else’s account, and not the account in question!

So the moral of this story is *make sure you enter backup payment details in your billing tab in AdWords*. If your primary credit card is stolen/cancelled it may not be a simple process to get your billing details updated and your campaigns running again…

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A Free £50 Google AdWords Voucher

Reasons to use AdWords Online Advertising:

  • Control How Much You Spend
  • Control Who Sees Your Ads
  • Control Where And When They See It
  • You Can Have A Free £50 AdWords Voucher From PPCNI!*

Simply add a comment to this blog post, with feedback on what you think of as a web site..

*Voucher reduces from £50 to £30 on 24th Dec. 2010 and is valid until 31st Jan 2011. Valid only on new (less than 14 days old) AdWords accounts.

Note – this voucher is long gone – but I am giving away another Google AdWords Coupon In This Post

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Save Thousands A Year On Your AdWords Bill

If you ever login to your AdWords account and see a message beside any of your campaigns that says “Limited By Budget” then keep reading….

Do NOT Control Your AdWords Budget With Your ‘Budget’ Settings!

This was touched on in a previous post – but it is so important that I want to mention it again…

You can see in the illustration above that you can save a LOT of money or get a lot more clicks for the same price by decreasing your bids while leaving your budget alone.

If you spend more than a few pounds a day on AdWords – this can amount to either a huge saving or a lot of extra business for no extra cost.

PS – if you are using CPA bidding, and are making a profit on every sale, then make sure your daily budget is *big* so you don’t miss out on any profitable sales.

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