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Opportunities For The Online Travel Market In The Run Up To Christmas And Beyond…

An interesting article :-

For all you SEO type people who reckon that natural search tends to convert better than paid search – there is an interesting line in the article which says :

“Paid search signals purchase intent as those who use sponsored links are 1.5 times more likely
to purchase.”

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Remarketing Campaigns With Google AdWords..

This is something that is very interesting. For further information see :-


BUT – be very careful how you set this up.

I was on the Sky TV web site – on the order page, so I was obviously ‘tagged’ as being a possible customer. For months after this, a bloody Sky TV advert followed me mercilessly around the internet. Now, I might have been persuaded to click on the advert and come back and complete my order but for the fact that I had already done so! On my first and only visit to that page!

Here is the advert:-

There is a lesson in there somewhere for you, Mr Murdoch (No charge)….

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Google Adwords certified partners…

I was wondering why I got an email recently from Google telling me I had just qualified as a certified partner even though I had done over 6 months ago…

Here is the explanation from Google :

“we experienced some technical issues on migrating over to the new program. During this migration some of our previously qualified ‘Google Advertising Professionals’ partners may have received an email in error stating they have just become a ‘Certified Google Advertising Professional’. This was a legacy issue with our system and as the ‘Google Advertising Professionals’ program no longer exists, this is unfortunately not the case. To become certified under the new program, and take advantage of a more in-depth knowledge of AdWords, partners will need to become certified under the new program criteria as your Google Advertising Professionals status will no longer count as an official certification with Google.”

So there you go…

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A Free £75 (GBP) Google AdWords voucher

Just post a comment with a story or interesting information that is relevant in some way to internet marketing.

Most interesting post gets the voucher emailed to them.

Closing date – 22nd September 2010.

Note – this voucher is long gone – but I am giving away another Google AdWords Coupon In This Post

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AdWords Vouchers Update…

As of today (8th July 2010), as a Google AdWords Certified Partner, PPCNI is delighted to say that all new clients now get £75 worth of free clicks as opposed to the previous amount of £50…

Update – 10th July 2010 – Just realised that the new vouchers are actually £80 – so they take into account the fact that Google Charges you a £5 activation fee when you set up a new account, which means that genuinely do get £75 of free clicks now….. :-)

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