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New Google AdWords Certification Program 2010

Looks like I’ll have to sit at least one more Google AdWords exam in the near future!

Also, it looks like PPCNI will have no problems meeting the new ad spend requirement ($10,000 in a 90 day period):-

Rather than reinvent the wheel and explain all the details on this here are some related links:-

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The Funniest Google AdWords Error Message I Have Ever Seen…

I got the following message in AdWords Editor when posting a new advert (with the same text that I posted a hundred times before without any problems) :-

“Due to trademark reasons, we do not allow the use of ‘We’ in ad text…”

I am not making this up!

In fact Google have really dropped the ball of late, a client of mine recently got an email from Google, with someone else’s name at the top, accusing him of selling drugs! (he wasn’t by the way.)

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Google AdWords ‘Search Funnels’ Report.

You’ll see this report in your Google AdWords ‘Conversions’ tab.

Here is a sample report:

So… you can see that on the eCommerce site above, only 55.19% of people who actually bought a product, bought the product  after their first click on an AdWords advert!

Here is another interesting statistic:-

So you can see from the above that if you pause your AdWords campaigns, there can be a significant time lag before sales pick up again!

There is lot more in this report worth looking at which I have not detailed above, not least the ability to look at which ad groups / keywords were instrumental in leading to a sale. i.e. you might find that an ad group which previously looked like it had been performing very badly, actually played an important part in the overall conversion process…

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My ‘PPC Northern Ireland’ AdWords Campaign Summary For March 2010

So, overall costs for me were  £8.17, which brought in 3 enquiries and one new customer (from Belfast).

My return on investment for these campaigns was 4284%.

The amount of time I spent monitoring and tweaking these campaigns during March was approximately 10 minutes.

That’s a return on my time and money that I’m pretty happy with.

As an aside, I have cut back on my spend in the Republic of Ireland, but only because in my line of business, face to face meetings are usually required…

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How *Not* To Run A Google AdWords Campaign…

Not only do none of these companies realise that no-one in N.Ireland can use their services to switch energy provider*, but some of them specifically geo target “Northern Ireland”!

As an aside, it is nice to see that while I am signed in to my Google account that Google realises that I am ‘Northern Irish’ even though my IP address is English (this is definitely a sign of things to come)…

*(Someone correct me if I’m wrong – but I think you can only switch if you are a business user? – I am not 100% sure as I can find very little about it on the internet)

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