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So What Exctly Are The Limits On A Google Adwords Account (Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords)

Here is an email from Google Adwords Support:-

The AdWords account structure has 3 levels – campaigns, ad groups
and ads.
You can have up to 100 ad groups in a campaign and up to 25
campaigns in
an AdWords account. In each ad group, you can have up to 50 ads of any
format and up to 2000 keywords.

This seems to be the official line from Google.  It is also wrong.  I have more than one account where I have a lot more than 100 Ad Groups in a campaign.

At any rate, if you do run out of space, and get an unhelpful error message saying that you exceeded your limits, then just send an email to

They seem to be fairly quick in increasing your limits when you need them too!

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£50 Google Adwords Vouchers (For 2009).

As a qualified Google Advertising Professional, I have a number of £50 Google Adwords vouchers that need to be used before then end of 2009.

The only stipulations to getting one of these are:

  • You must allow me to set up your Adwords Campaign (or grant me access to it).
  • If you already have an Adwords account, it must be less than 2 weeks old.

If anyone is interested, please contact me…

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Free £30 Google Adwords Voucher


As a qualified Google advertising professional, if you allow to set up your account – you are entitled to a free £50 Google Adwords voucher.

But if you would prefer to do it yourself, I have another £30 Adwords voucher from the Federation of Small Business going spare. So if anyone wants it (no strings attached) – then please just post a comment below.


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Google Adwords Geo Targeting For Northern Ireland Continued…

Since the somewhat less than helpful reply from Google Adwords support on how accurate geo targeting for the Northern Ireland region is. I decided to so a small (very unscientific) test using the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator.

I typed in a number of keywords which I reckoned would get a relatively high search volume all over the UK (did I mention that this was very ‘unscientific’?)

Then I asked for traffic estimates solely for the ‘Northern Ireland’ region.  Here are the results:-


I then asked for the results from ‘England’, ‘Wales’, ‘Scotland’ :-


Which means that if Google Geo Targeting is to be believed, the number of Google users in Northern Ireland is approx 0.66% that of Great Britain, or that the population of Great Britain is approx 152 times that of Northern Ireland!

Here is the mid 2008 UK population statistics taken from

That is a BIG margin of error…

How do you get round this when setting up a Google Adwords Campaign that targets only Northern Ireland?

There is no perfect way of doing it *as far as I know*.

Adwords regional targeting now allows users that Google knows are physically located outside of your region to see your advert *if* they type in specific keywords that you are targeting in that campaign (provided you are specifying your geographic area using ‘Regions’ rather than ‘Custom’).

So, if I have a company that sells blue widgets, but only ships to Northern Ireland, I could set up a campaign that targets ‘Northern Ireland’, and has the following keywords (in summary):-

[blue widgets]

[blue widgets northern ireland]

[northern ireland blue widgets]

[n.i. blue widgets]

[blue widgets belfast]

etc. etc….

My Blue Widget advert will now show if someone with a Northern Ireland IP address types in “blue widgets” in Google.  It will also show if someone who has an IP Address located in Great Britain types in “blue widgets northern ireland” or “blue widgets belfast” etc..

To Summarise, if you are targeting Northern Ireland, and the AdWords Traffic Estimator tool keeps saying ‘Not enough data to give estimates’, then try targeting England, Wales and Scotland, then divide that result by 150 to get your Northern Ireland Estimates!

*Disclaimer* – Again, this is only a very rough estimate, and hopefully, with time Google will get better at targeting Northern Ireland as a region…

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CPA Performance Trends on the Google Content Network

There was an interesting article on PPCHERO recently:-

It made reference to a Google White Paper on the subject.

The thing that I found most interesting was that out of all the countries they looked at, the UK gave the worst return on investment when using the Adwords Content Network.

“the median advertiser in the UK has an average Content Network CPA 6.2% higher than that of search.”

I certainly agree with that. I don’t know what the reason is, probably partly:

1. Nearly everyone in the UK sets their own campaigns up and just leave the content network turned on without really understanding what it is.

2. People in this country are much less likely to buy something they are not specifically looking for on impulse…

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How Accurate Is Geo Targeting In Google Adwords For The Northern Ireland Region?

This is a subject that is very close to my heart, as most of my campaigns involve targeting Northern Ireland in some shape or form.

It is a subject I will be returning to again in the future, but in the mean time – here is what Google Adwords support have to say on the subject!:-

Hello Jordan,

Thank you for your email. I understand that you want to know what
percentage of the Northern Ireland population would see your ads if you
target “Northern Ireland.” Please note that it is difficult to get the
information on the percentage of population that you can target.
we can get an insight about the users based on search queries they are
searching for. Google Insights for Search tool at (currently English only), which offers you
a broad view on keyword trends by time frame, location and categories
(commonly referred to as ‘verticals’).

You can also compare the performance of a particular search term across

Please feel free to reply to this email for further assistance with

If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at, where you’ll find answers to many
frequently asked questions. We look forward to providing you with the most
effective advertising available.


The Google AdWords Team

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Google Adwords For Dummies By Howie Jacobson (2nd Edition)

If you are at all interested in Google Adwords, and do not someone else to look after your campaigns for you, then I heartily recommend this book.

If you have been administering Google Adwords accounts for years, then you will already know 95% of it but it is always useful to read stuff that you already know when it has been written by someone else, as it really jogs your memory and makes you look at things from a slightly different angle…

There are also a few incredibly valuable  insights into Google Adwords and Internet Marketing in general, which are worth 10 times the price of the book if you are at all serious about using Google Adwords for your business.

There was one little gem in particular that had me saying out loud “Why didn’t I think of that!  It makes perfect sense now someone has pointed it out”..

But you’ll have to buy the book to find out what it is…. :-)

I got it for from for £11.69. :-

If you are spending more than a few quid a day on Google Adwords, and are not a seasoned Adwords expert, then this book will pay for itself very very quickly!

Look – let me just say this again “IT IS £11.69!!” If you ever do anything with Google Adwords, you should buy this book!

If anyone else has read this book – I would welcome your comments below….

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Google Adwords Vouchers

As a qualified Google advertising professional, if you allow me to set up your account – you are entitled to a free £50 Google Adwords voucher.

If you you join the Federation Of Small Business (which costs £10 a month), they seem to send out Adwords vouchers quite regularly to their members (I got ones for £100 and £30 from them so far).

If you don’t want to use either of the above options, and would still like a free $25 Google Adwords Voucher (which I got recently with ‘Google Adwords For Dummies’) – just send me an email to and I’ll email it over to you…

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