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Passed The AdWords Search Advertising Exam Again

OK  – you could say that getting 8 questions wrong was pretty poor, but in my defence I did have 1 hour 31 minutes left on the clock at the end of the exam, and I would rather get on with some actual work than spend lots of time trying to figure out some badly worded, ambiguous multiple choice questions..

The actual questions on this exam haven’t changed much in the last 3 years. There was no mention of Conversions (opt) or Final URLs for instance.adwords-search-ad-exam-aug-2015


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Brand Keywords

There’s an article worth reading on brand CPCs over at

While it’s true that Google push things too far sometimes and want to have their cake and eat it, you can’t afford to ignore the value of brand keywords.

Make sure you set realistic bids on them (don’t pay more than they are worth) and use negative keywords to exclude your brand keywords from other campaigns / ad groups.

Here’s a recent example from a lead generation site in Ireland.




Check out the difference in CPC and cost per converted click!


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Keyword Research with Google Adwords

There’s a whole host of keyword tools, and you could spend hours and hours testing these to see whether there is enough traffic to justify your choice of keywords.

Anytime I’m trying to get an idea of potential traffic for a new client, rather than using Wordtracker, Google’s keyword suggestion tool or other keyword tools that can be unreliable and sometimes there’s not enough data for small regions like Northern Ireland, I just nip into my Google Adwords account, create a new campaign, budget some money, add the keywords, run a couple of ads and set the campaign live.

Over a couple of days to a week, this can quickly give me a more accurate idea of traffic levels. It’s real information, real impressions, and I get to find out how much the clicks actually cost.

I can then use this information as a factor in deciding which keywords to target and which are priorities. It’s helpful both for SEO and Google Adwords, and if a client wants to run a PPC campaign I can export the campaign I’ve set up into a new account.

Michael Wall is an experienced SEO & Google Adwords specialist with over 14yrs and 10yrs respectively. He enjoys all things related to search, helping clients and runs CodefixerSoftware.

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AdWords Call Extensions

Apparently if you are using a phone number in an AdWords call extension, there has been a policy update which means that the phone number you put on your ads has to be a phone number that is displayed on the web site featured in your ad.

Here is a bit more information:-

According to AdWords support, the format of the phone number on your web site has to be exactly the same as in the call extension (spaces in the same places etc.), and it can take up to *7* working days for the system to verify the phone number…

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See What PPCNI Did With Fabulous New Ad Copy*


See – we have created new ad copy which shows without shadow of a doubt (with statistical significance no less), that the new ad copy is working better!

The slight decrease in CTR can be accounted for with the inclusion of Search Partners and the 2 ads not getting equal impressions on Google Search and/or a tiny variation in average position.

So, what was changed to get this significant increase in impressions?


The ad copy in the 2 different sets of ads are exactly the same. The only thing that is different about them is the destination URL!

*The title of this post is not actually true and is a homage to the type of post you often see on the subject from so called ‘gurus’. :-)

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