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CPA Bidding For Google Shopping Ads?

I’m not sure when this will be available, but I got an email from Google saying that Enhanced CPC will be enabled for Product Listing Ads campaigns (and Google Shopping Campaigns) starting 17th June 2014 so they must be at least considering it…

Though having said that, on a couple of campaigns on a couple of different accounts this morning, AdWords is refusing to let me enable enhanced CPC for some reason.

*Update* – for Shopping Campaigns (not PLAs), you need to do the following to enable Enhanced CPC:-

  • Click into Shared Library
  • Under Bid Strategies click view
  • Click + bid strategy
  • Select Enhanced CPC
  • Name the strategy and click save
  • Click back to all online campaigns, select the campaign you wish to edit
  • Click Settings
  • Next to bid strategy Click edit, Select a flexible bid strategy and save.


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Google Adwords is Broken!

Google Adwords is broken and has been for a very very long time.

Below is a screenshot of a search from a desktop computer from an office here in Belfast. With most ISPs in Northern Ireland the IP address will show for over the water. For this computer the IP address was London (when not logged into a google account).

Screenshot of a google search with ppc ads showing london ads rather than NIreland ads

So just from the screenshot there’s 4 or 5 ads from London companies that clearly aren’t going to
come and fix someones boiler in Belfast. No doubt there’s lots of costly irrelevant clicks.

At the bottom of the browser you can see where you can adjust your location (as in the screenshot below), though how many people are going to update this.

google allowing you to update your location

Article written by Michael Wall. Michael has been working on SEO campaigns for over 10 years. He also runs his own web design company Codefixer Software.

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Shopping Comparison Ads (UK)

I wonder how much these will make Google. (Probably the same amount every day as I will make in a lifetime I am guessing).

Which one of the following ads do you think the average user is like to click on? (Hint it won’t be any of the ads on the right hand side).


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Search Network with Display Select – Does It Work?

If you already have separate Google Display Network campaigns which are working well for you, you can ignore this blog post.

Google say

Upgrading existing search campaigns to Search Network with Display Select is easy. In a few steps and without extra work, you could gain 15% more customers* by showing your ads at the right moments across search and the web.

Do they exaggerate? Let’s find out by looking at some lead generation campaigns…

We could do with more clicks and conversions to be sure, but looking at a group of closely related CPA campaigns that have been working well on the Search Network so far:


So far, I make this only 7.8 % extra (last click) conversions. Though to be fair, Google did say “you *could* gain 15% more customers*”.

*The quality of the conversions (leads) will almost certainly not be as good as from the Search Network though this will vary depending on what sort of leads you are generating I am sure.

*With CPA campaigns you are not currently able to adjust bids by network (or location or device – or anything else for that matter though this may change in the future). But in theory you should be able to use ROAS bidding to take account of the fact that average order sizes / ROAS may be different from different networks.

*It is a bit of a nuisance to have to segment everything all the time to see how things are actually performing.

If anyone else has any actual data they would like to share I would love to hear about it!




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AdWords Click Through Rates

Click through rates are far from the be all and end all.

But I want to point out (again) that some (usually SEO) people who say CTR from PPC is usually around 1% are wrong.

The keyword below not only gets a great CTR, but is also very profitable.


This is from a campaign running in the Republic of Ireland. There is often less competition there than in the UK, so if you are able to ship to the Republic, and are not targeting it already, then it’s worth looking into.

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Merchant Center / AdWords Shopping Campaigns

So, how long does it take for products in Merchant Center to start showing in Google Shopping campaign in AdWords?

I asked the question after there were far fewer products in AdWords than should have been the case.

Apparently, ‘Ideally it should take less than one hour’ for the products to synch between the two products.

So if you are wondering where all your stuff is, give it an hour or 2 and try again… (I have to admit I didn’t get round to trying it again until the following day – but around 18 extra hours certainly made a big difference).

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