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Comments Off on 12 Months AdSense Earnings

12 Months AdSense Earnings

Here’s the revenue form for the last full 12 months.

Moral of the story – don’t rely on AdSense revenue as your sole source of income!

There’s also the not insignificant problem with AdSense clicks taking people away from your web site to someone else’s. But if it is a good potential client I’m pretty sure they’ll not be distracted by this.

I’ve decided to turn on AdSense ‘Auto Ads‘ to see how they perform, though it looks like they may be overly intrusive at times.

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Comments Off on Inaccurate View Through Conversion Reporting In AdWords

Inaccurate View Through Conversion Reporting In AdWords

This is something that puzzled me for a while. This AdWords account only had a single Search campaign in it and had never been opted in to the Display Network.

I contacted AdWords support and they confirmed that I wasn’t going mad, and it was a technical problem :-

“You are absolutely correct – this campaign has had no Display/Video ads at all. The conversions we saw (view through conversions) were inaccurate data being reported in the AdWords for Search campaigns like the one in your account due to a technical error at our system’s end. This inaccurate data go back as far as 30 days from November 2nd. So, if you set the date range from Nov 3 – till today (any time after November 3), you will see zero view through conversions as a result of this error being fixed by our engineering team.”


So if you find view through conversions valuable on any of your campaigns, it’s probably worth contacting support to see how much they have been over-reported by in the 30 days prior to November 3rd 2016.

Also – it does make me more than slightly uneasy about what other reporting problems may have occurred in the past that I wasn’t informed about… :-(

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AdWords Advanced Display Exam Passed Again


OK – so I got 6 wrong – but I only spent 27 minutes on it! (And the likelihood of me managing Youtube home page mastheads at a few hundred thousand pounds a day are a little bit unlikely anyway).

Here’s the updated Google Partners profile –;idtf=4971344434;

I guess I’ll have to get round to sitting the new video advertising exam soon too…

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Search Network with Display Select – Does It Work?

If you already have separate Google Display Network campaigns which are working well for you, you can ignore this blog post.

Google say

Upgrading existing search campaigns to Search Network with Display Select is easy. In a few steps and without extra work, you could gain 15% more customers* by showing your ads at the right moments across search and the web.

Do they exaggerate? Let’s find out by looking at some lead generation campaigns…

We could do with more clicks and conversions to be sure, but looking at a group of closely related CPA campaigns that have been working well on the Search Network so far:


So far, I make this only 7.8 % extra (last click) conversions. Though to be fair, Google did say “you *could* gain 15% more customers*”.

*The quality of the conversions (leads) will almost certainly not be as good as from the Search Network though this will vary depending on what sort of leads you are generating I am sure.

*With CPA campaigns you are not currently able to adjust bids by network (or location or device – or anything else for that matter though this may change in the future). But in theory you should be able to use ROAS bidding to take account of the fact that average order sizes / ROAS may be different from different networks.

*It is a bit of a nuisance to have to segment everything all the time to see how things are actually performing.

If anyone else has any actual data they would like to share I would love to hear about it!




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Comments Off on New Format For Text Ads On The Google Display Network

New Format For Text Ads On The Google Display Network

I noticed some text ads this morning with a massive grey arrow on them this morning :-

I’m willing to bet that this is going to increase Click Through Rates on the Google Display Network quite noticeably.

If this does increase CTRs for text ads significantly, then it will also indirectly increase costs for image / rich media ads as well. (Everyone’s a winner apart from the advertiser).


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How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense?

I posted before about how I had made some half decent money from AdSense (though not without putting a *lot* of work into it) :-

How I Made £20,000 From AdSense

With Google placing more and more importance on the Google Display Network, in theory, AdSense publishers should be able to make even more money going forward.

If you do decide to go down this road, bear in mind that the niche you choose can make a *big* difference to your earnings.

As far as I am aware, AdSense terms of service do not allow you to divulge specific RPM, CPCs etc. (someone please correct me if this is definitely not the case, and I’ll add all the extra information into the screen shot below) :-

Without revealing specific CPCs / RPMs, the figures above cover the same time frame (From July 2011 to February 2012), and the number of page views for is only slightly higher than the Money From Photos blog.

You can draw your own conclusions from this…

For anyone else interest in a bit of further reading on how to make money From AdSense, see the following blog:-

Make Money From Photos / AdSense

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AdWords Remarketing?

I saw this advert on one of my own web sites today :-

AdSense Dating Advert

One of the big improvements that has been made fairly recently in the life of the Google Display Network is that you can target potential customers based on their interests i.e. sites they have previously visited, or you can ‘remarket’ to them i.e. target them based on pages on your own site they have previously visited.

I just want to state for the record that the ad above must not have been using either of the above methods to appear in front of me!

Update – 30th Jan 2012 – I’m starting to get paranoid now. Here’s another one I’m seeing:-

mmmmm. No Jane, I don’t remember you, sorry…

For reference – this is actually quite a good Display Network image ad. It’s professional looking, engaging, and has a good call to action.

Update – 8th February 2012 – getting *really* paranoid now :-

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