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Comments Off on A New N.Ireland Brexit PPC Post For November.

A New N.Ireland Brexit PPC Post For November.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what exactly Brexit means for Northern Ireland in particular. Apparently, there are a load of changes happening on 1st January 2021 and we will all be better off because of them.

I certainly feel reassured. If Covid has proved one thing it is that our government is *awesome* at managing complex issues on our behalf.

Looking at Google Trends for Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland respectively –

There is not a huge amount of difference. People on both sides of the border seem to be reasonably happy that it is something they only need to be vaguely aware of…

How does this affect PPC / Google Ads / MS Ads?

If you sell physical products and are located in N.Ireland then you may have to make adjustments to some of your PPC campaigns. Exactly what those adjustments are, remains to be seen.

One thing that is certain on the PPC side of things is that loads of tax payer’s money will be wasted by the government on Google Ads e.g.

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Comments Off on PPC Conversions By Device Type

PPC Conversions By Device Type

The above is taken from one lead gen account for the past 3 months.

This will vary a lot depending on numerous different factors, but it is *definitely* worth ensuring that your site is mobile friendly going forward.

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Comments Off on Brand Campaign Negative Keywords

Brand Campaign Negative Keywords

If the aim of your brand PPC campaign is to sign up new customers, then good negative keywords are probably

“log in”
“sign in”

e.g. see the following search on

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Comments Off on PPC For Mobile Devices

PPC For Mobile Devices

Just in case you are not sick of every man and his dog going on about this…

The following is becoming increasingly common for lead generation web sites.

i.e. You cannot afford to ignore mobile devices.

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What Is Bing Ads’ Market Share In The UK?

I read this article

recently which says that Bing’s market share in the UK is now 17.8%.

Here’s an old article of my own using 2014 data –

which showed it was pretty close to 10%.

This is a bit out of date now, so let’s look at the last full six months of e-commerce PPC only data for the UK from 1st August 2015 to 31st January 2016.

Bing Ads Sessions = 20.87%!

Bing Ads Revenue = 15.45%! (Transaction value up 15% from the same period the previous year compared to only a 5% increase from AdWords).

*The Bing Ads and Google AdWords accounts for this e-commerce site are not directly comparable (different amounts of brand traffic and shopping traffic to name just 2 factors) and lots of factors outside my control can affect results. Even so, it does look like Bing is starting to take market share from Google!

**From what I’ve seen so far, there is a much bigger difference in the amount of revenue you can get from Google Shopping compared to Bing Shopping. Hopefully this will change in the not too distant future.

***This is a pretty small sample.

For the Republic of Ireland it doesn’t look quite so rosy yet – but hopefully Bing won’t forget about our friends ‘Down South’.

NB – for e-commerce sites I think it’s sensible to count ‘market share’ as ‘share of revenue generated’.

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Negative Keywords List Updated With Postcodes

Now with postcodes for Northern Ireland and Great Britain, so you can exclude people searching for a product or service within a postcode to which you cannot provide that product or service.

e.g. I have seen a campaign where England was explicitly excluded as a location in campaign settings, but ads were still shown when someone searched using an English postcode (something that Google should really have a better handle on but there you go).


When I get time I’ll try and segment postcodes by England, Scotland, Wales also.

Feel free to copy and paste from this (click on the image below to open the Google Spreadsheet and hover over column heading to view comments).

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