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Bing Ads Now Showing On AOL UK


It’ll be interesting to see how AOL performs compared to Yahoo, Bing and Google though it’ll be a long time before you can be sure if you are in the UK as their market share is so tiny. Bing reckon you should be able to increase Bing Ads clicks by around 5% by including AOL in your search network campaigns. Though it’s not clear if they are talking about worldwide or just USA when they say this (Bing tend to think the world revolves around the USA more than Google)…

You don’t need to make any changes to existing campaigns / ad groups for them to start showing on AOL. In fact there doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping them from showing on AOL!

Also, this doesn’t apply to the Republic of Ireland.

Full details –

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The Ultimate Negative Keyword List?

This is still in the early stages, but I’ll be adding to this spreadsheet a lot in the future (and hopefully other people will as well) :-

Anyone can add their own stuff / amend / publish / sell / profit from this spreadsheet which is totally in the public domain etc.

I’ve added comments at the top of each column for reference.

There are negative locations thrown in as well if you want to exclude most countries in the world form seeing your ads.

If you find it helpful, please share it.

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How Much Does An SSD Speed Up AdWords Editor?

There’s plenty of information online about how SSDs are soooo much faster than old fashioned HDDs.

Windows 7 boots *much* more quickly, and applications open a lot faster.

And now that you can get a 256GB SSD for around £100, there is no excuse not to get one.

But this being a PPC blog, I have to mention that it also makes a difference to the speed of AdWords Editor.

In my (not very scientific) test, I increased the bids on 73,682 keywords by 10%. Here are the results (approximately as I had to click the ‘Apply Changes’ button in the middle of the operation, and I was using the second hand on my wrist watch) :-

HDD – 20 seconds
SSD – 12 seconds

This isn’t an operation you are going to perform every day on every AdWords account you manage, but it still goes to show what a great investment an SSD is if you manage PPC accounts and your budget won’t stretch to a brand new PC/Mac.

(SSD = Solid State Drive) (I was guilty of using the term for years without being 100% sure what it stood for).

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Check AdWords Ads For Broken Links.

First, a big thank you to Certified Knowledge for their original article here :-

If you have a lot of accounts to check, please consider paying for their membership / automated tool (and read their article anyway for info about 404 errors).

But if you are skint, don’t have a huge number of accounts, and don’t have Microsoft Excel – here is an alternative method to check all your ads to make sure none are broken…

Download the excellent and free Xenu.

Download (the also excellent and free) OpenOffice.

Open your account in AdWords Editor.

Go to your ads tab.

Highlight all active ads.


Paste into a new spreadsheet in Open Office.

Highlight the destination URL column.

Click on Data, Filter, Standard Filter, change Field Name to ‘ – none – ‘, More Options, tick the ‘No Duplication’ box.

Highlight all the URLs in that column.


Open a text editor (like notepad).


Save as whatever.txt.

Open Xenu.

Click on Options, Preferences, and set Maximum depth to 0, OK, File, Check URL List, and open the file you saved from your text editor.

Wait a while.

Pause any ads that have non working URLs.

NB – I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Google should do this themselves as a matter of course (and inform the advertiser that things need fixing), after all they are always banging on about how important user experience is etc…

PS – While on the subject of avoiding paying for clicks that do not come through to a functioning page, if you have an unreliable web hosting service, and your site is likely to be down for longer than a minute or 2 once in a blue moon, and you spend more than a few pounds a day on PPC then it’s worth checking out Which can alert you and allow you to pause your campaigns until your web site comes back up again. PPC Hero also have an interesting tool which will automate this process for you (though I haven’t tried it). Here is the link –

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How To Get Into The PPC Industry.

I got a message recently from bazkika on twitter :-

Hi Jordan, any tips/recommendations of PPC training/courses to help me get into the PPC industry, I live in the NW England. Thanks

…There’s so many courses out there, I don’t know which are good and which not. Thanks again.

Good question.

I’m not sure I am the best person to answer that question, but I’ll give it a go and hopefully (if I ask nicely) some more PPC’ers will add their own comments to this post.

If you mean ‘How do I get a full time job working in PPC for an agency?‘ I can’t speak from experience as since I started doing PPC, I have only ever worked for myself.

However, if I was going to employ someone, here is my list of requirements from candidates in order of importance:-

  • Experience (I don’t want someone who has just graduated and has zero experience in the real world. Some experience of AdWords is vital, even if you have only set up a small campaign for someone free of charge.)
  • References (I need someone to tell me you are not a complete arse).
  • Qualifications (You need to be an AdWords Qualified Individual ).

I’ll expand on the last point a bit further…

You don’t need expensive offline courses or seminars to achieve this. If you are reasonably good at multiple choice exams and you have enough spare time on your hands, you can pass the 2 online AdWords exams required to become a qualified individual (Do the fundamentals exam and then advanced search). All the information you need to pass the exams is available for free in the AdWords Certification Programme Learning Centre. Total cost for taking the 2 exams online is $100.

If you are not a natural when it comes to online / multiple choice exams, then I recommend If you can pass the practice tests then you can definitely pass the real tests.

Alternatively, if you want to work for yourself, you could do it the hard way like I did by teaching yourself, getting qualified, setting up your own web site, setting up your own company, and gradually building up your client base (start in your spare time before giving up your old job) until you are making a wage you can live on. Though this is incredibly hard unless you are natural born salesman as well as very good at your job, and the competition is *much* more intense now than it was when I went full time more than 4 years ago.

Either way, Good luck!

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