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Free £50 AdWords Coupon.

This is available to any UK/Irish business that wants it. Courtesy of the Federation Of Small Business.

First one to post a comment gets it.

No strings attached.

If anyone does take Google up on their offer of getting Google to build their campaign(s) for them – I would love to know how they get on!

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Why Google Places Reviews Are *Even More* Important For Your Business Than They Were Before

In a previous post about

Why Google Places Reviews Are Important, And Will Become Even More Important In The Future.

I touched on what Google Places reviews mean for the restaurant business in Northern Ireland.

Since that post, Google have stopped using reviews from third party web sites, and are now only showing reviews posted from Google accounts.

Here is what happened on my Android phone previously when I looked for ‘Restaurants’ :-

Google Places Local Restaurant Reviews, Northern Ireland.

As you can see, there were 71 great reviews for The Cuan.

But here is what the search results look like now :-

Oh no….  There is only one review for the Cuan now, and it has moved down to second in the results.

To make matter worse:-

The one review I am shown is only 4 stars!

What does this mean for the local restaurant business (and all local businesses across the UK to an extent)?

It means there is a huge opportunity to make sure your customer service is as good as it can be, and make sure that customers add positive reviews to your listing in Google Places.

If you miss the opportunity to do this right now, you will be playing catch-up for a very long time to come…

*Update – 17th August 2011* – Here is yet another reason why you really, really need to take notice of Google Places reviews – Google Related – finding related content as you browse.

*Update – March 2012* – Here is another piece of research which backs up how important customer reviews are on local listings :- 72% Of Potential Customers Trust On-line Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.

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New ‘Enhanced CPC Bidding’ Option in Google AdWords…

This looks very interesting, particularly if you have conversion tracking turned on but are short of the 15 conversions in a  30 day period needed to use Conversion Optimizer.

I’ll be trying this out, and will publish my findings in the near future…

Update – 19th August 2010 – Already running into problems using AdWords editor in conjunction with Enhanced CPC bidding.  Basically it doesn’t work (along with a plethora of other relatively new features in AdWords) – here is the email from AdWords support that I received recently about a similar problem (in this case it was iPad targeting that had caused the problem):-

Error 211 is caused by campaigns that are using any of these new features:
Enhanced CPC, Average CPC bidding, target CPA bidding, many-per-click
conversion deduplication mode, targeting options like user vertical, boom
user list, mobile application, mobile carrier, mobile operating system,
iPad device targeting. I can see, for example, that you are targeting iPad
mobile devices in your campaign ********** so that could be causing the

In the case that you are using any of these features in the online AdWords
account you will need to review your campaigns settings, disable any of
the above features, ‘Get Recent Changes’ in Editor, make changes, upload
changes and re-enable the features in AdWords.

Once this is done, you should have no further issues with the keywords.”

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More AdWords Vouchers (Expire End of July 2010)..

I have  three more of these left – so if anyone wants one – please leave a relevant comment on any blog post on this site (Apart from any of  the free AdWords vouchers posts)…


Note – these vouchers are long gone – but I am giving away another Google AdWords Coupon In This Post

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Google AdWords Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam…

PPCNI owner, Jordan McClements just passed the Google AdWords Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam with a score of 95%.

He has now passed :-

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

Search Advertising Advanced Exam

Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam

This leaves just one exam left to do :-

Display Advertising Advanced Exam

PS – you only need 2 of the above exams to qualify as a Google Advertising Professional

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AdWords Vouchers For Qualified Google Advertising Professionals In 2010 Continued…

I emailed Google Adwords support again to ask about the situation…

They said:

New Vouchers will be emailed out
some time in January however if you need new credits I have been notified
I can send you 20 vouchers upon request. Please let me know if you would
like me to send you them.

So, to cut a long story short, I did, and they sent me another 20 voucher codes which expire at the end of March 2010.

So if there are any other Qulified Google Advertising Professionals who are wondering what is going on, just email UK AdWords support, and they’ll sort you out :-)

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