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MS / Yahoo Search Alliance Due In The UK In The First Semester Of 2012?

In a previous post, I mentioned that this may not happen until the second quarter of 2012, but apparently it is now going to happen in the ‘First Semester’! :-

With the advent of a new year, we wanted to let you know the latest news about the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance and what you can expect in 2012. Our goal is to have Microsoft Advertising adCenter provide the paid search results for Yahoo! sites in the UK, France and Ireland in the first semester of 2012. As we work towards this goal we will keep you informed about actions you can take with your adCenter account and budget to help prepare for the transition.

The only problem is – what on earth is a semester when you are not talking about college / university?

If anyone has the answer to this question – please let me know!

Here is another update from them (2nd Feb 2012):-

Dear Jordan,

We wanted to give you an update on the timeline for the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance transition in the UK, France and Ireland. We are working with our partners at Yahoo! toward completing the paid search transition by the end of April. By then, you will be able to advertise on the full Yahoo! Search traffic through your adCenter campaigns.

However, we are keen to bring you the benefits of our combined audiences sooner and may accelerate the transition in these markets if we can do so while still maintaining a quality experience. As always, we will keep you informed of our progress.

As part of the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance, Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers will need to start transitioning their accounts to Microsoft Advertising adCenter later in February. While there is no action required today, if you also advertise on Yahoo! Search, you will be receiving more details about the transition process and access to an easy to use transition tool as we get closer to the transition.

Learn more about account transitions

  • If you have a Yahoo! Search Marketing account get familiar with the Transition Checklist, and prepare to transition your accounts with ease.
  • Register to attend a free webinar on 22 February to learn more about the account transition process and get tips to prepare for a successful transition.

Please continue to manage your adCenter account as usual and reach out to our support team if you need any assistance.

Yours sincerely,

The Microsoft Advertising Team

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Microsoft Search Alliance In UK Delayed Until June 2012?

I would post a link to this – but it appears to be broken at present.

The crux of the matter is, not so long ago, the MS / Yahoo search advertising alliance was due in January 2012. But the last official news on it (on 7th November 2011) was that it was now due in ‘the second quarter of 2012’ which means it could be June 2012 before you have the luxury of managing your Yahoo and adCenter campaigns from the one interface (if you’re lucky)!

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Bing / Yahoo Search Alliance – PPC update for UK/Ireland Customers.

Got an email this morning from Microsoft Advertising saying :-

By working closely with Yahoo!, our goal is to have Bing™ and Microsoft Advertising adCenter provide the organic and paid search results for Yahoo! Search in the United Kingdom, France and Ireland in the first half of 2011. However, if we believe that it will improve the overall experience, we may adjust this time frame.


You don’t have to do anything yet.
The integration of Yahoo! traffic into Microsoft Advertising adCenter is still a few months away. Continue to advertise and manage your Microsoft Advertising adCenter account as usual. Over the coming months, we’ll provide you with more detailed information on how to prepare your Microsoft Advertising adCenter ads to run on Yahoo! Search and partner sites in addition to Microsoft sites.

So – no definite time scales yet – but it shouldn’t be long before your MS adCenter ads will be appearing on Yahoo in the UK and Ireland…

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Using Common Misspellings In Your PPC Campaign…

This is one way to get more (often better value) traffic from your PPC/AdWords campaigns.

For anyone who wants to target Northern Ireland, here is a list of how it may be typed into a search engine:-

northen ireland
nothern ireland
norther ireland
northern irland
nortern ireland
norhtern ireland
northan ireland
northern irelan
norhern ireland
northern irelnad
northern irealnd
northren ireland
northen irland
northern ieland
northern irleand
northenr ireland
northrn ireland
northern ireladn
northern ierland
northern irelans
northeren ireland
northern lreland
northen island
nortehrn ireland
northern irelnd
northern irelad
northern ireand
northern irealand
nothern island
nothern irland
northan irland
nother ireland
northerm ireland
northern irleland
northern oreland
nothen ireland
northern irelamd
northem ireland
northern irelend
norten ireland
norther island
northan island
northern irerland
nrothern ireland
northern irelanf
northen ierland
norther irland
northern ireleand
northern irelansd
northern irlend
northern irelaand
northern iraland
northern ioreland
northern iland
northern irelan d
northern irelande
northern irelsnd
norther nireland
northern irelandd
northern irelenad
northern i reland
northern irelane
northorn ireland
nothen irland
northern irelanbd
nothen island
norhtern island
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The Big Microsoft / Yahoo Merger…

There has been a *lot* written about this on the internet.

But no-one seemed to be answering the practical question

“So, when can I set up an advertising campaign on Microsoft AdCenter, and have it appear on Yahoo without it requiring any extra work?”

So – I rang the lovely support people at Microsoft AdCenter (twice) on their very easy to find 0800 number (Google support please take note…)

The first time they said:

“Oh, errr, well it could be something like a year before AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing are fully integrated!”

The second time they said:

“Well…. It might be 2 years!”

So if you are currently considering waiting for the merger to complete before setting up your adverts for the combined Microsoft / Yahoo ad network – you could be waiting quite some time!

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