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Digital Marketing Meeting Belfast

A fun time had by all on Tuesday 18th :-

Rand Fishkin is, of course, an SEO guy. What does SEO have to do with PPC? Well not a lot really, but it was a good excuse to get out and have a few pints and a chat with some of the guys and girls involved in all things internet in Belfast / Northern Ireland.*

*Thanks to the organisers of the event – Barry Adams & Kevin McCaffrey.

  1. Jordan, do you now call yourself PPCNI?! Everyone else has their name and you have PPCNI, on second thoughts maybe PPCNI is best ;-)

    Have you worked out who your stalker is yet?

    BTW I think PPC and SEO have an awful lot in common. Maybe that’s for a blog post.

  2. :-)

    I didn’t have room to write ‘Jordan McClements’ on the photo.

    If anyone has information leading to the identification of the person in the background, please let us know!

    You are right, SEO and PPC are not completely unrelated. Some day when we both have a few spare hours a joint post on the subject would be a good idea…

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