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Blog | EU Privacy Directive & How It Affects Your Web Site



EU Privacy Directive & How It Affects Your Web Site

There is still some confusion surrounding this.

Here is an email from a very helpful contact at Google which has some helpful guidance :-

As a result of the directive, the UK Government are giving 12 months for advertisers to comply with the directive from May 25th.

Essentially, we are directing advertisers to the following website to check if they comply.

Here is the page that outlines exactly what the Google Analytics cookie involves and I would imagine other cookie tracking providers you use have their own information on their cookies too.

We can’t give you legal advice or endorse any particular compliance approach, but you might look at:
– The advice that the UK government has given to its webmasters.

– This eConsultancy article, which outlines compliance solutions adopted by BT, John Lewis, Reuters, etc.,

If anyone has any further helpful advice – please post a comment!

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