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Blog | Free £50 Google AdWords Voucher..



Free £50 Google AdWords Voucher..

(Valid for accounts that are 14 days old or less).

If anyone wants it, please leave a relevant comment on any blog post on this web site other than this one (or any of the other free adwords voucher posts)…


  1. [New Post] Free £50 Google AdWords Voucher.. – via #twitoaster

  2. Hey, great site – some really good articles. Is the voucher still up for grabs?

  3. Steve, a voucher is on it’s way to you now…

  4. any left?

  5. Sorry – no – but stay tuned and I’ll be giving another one away soon… Thanks!

  6. Any chance of a voucher when available?

    I am very new to this and this is the first time I have tried for free vouchers.


  7. Sorry, forgot mention the very useful website with much help available. Many thanks

  8. Thanks. The voucher is gone but I’ll be giving another away soon, so stay tuned…. (or follow me on twitter).

  9. Hi,

    I really like your site – very helpful. If any more vouchers become available please let me know. I’m very keen to try AdWords. Cheers.

  10. Eoin, thanks, and I’ll be giving another one away very soon.
    Stay tuned.

  11. hey Eoin

    Anymore more vouchers left.


  12. See
    Another Free £50 AdWords Voucher For anyone who still wants one of these…..

  13. Glasgow Estate Agents Says:
    March 8, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Any more left ??

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