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Free AdWords vouchers…

I’ll have a few more to give away soon, but rather than just giving them away to the first person to comment on each ‘Free AdWords Voucher’ blog post, every so often, I’ll select a non-spammy (and preferably relevant) comment from some recent posts, and send the voucher to them….

So if you want one, be sure to comment on any new posts on this blog (but please don’t be spammy, and do try and say *something* relevant)..

Do also remember they are only worth a maximum of £50 and can only be used on AdWords accounts that are 14 days or less old…


  1. Hi in the process of trying to set up e business and have set up with 123-Reg but getting frustrated as they don’t issue their “voucher” until the account has been running for 2 weeks or more and I want to get started asap. Help!

  2. Hi tried to comment on 5th May. Didn’t show though. I have just registered my domain. Built site and ready to go. Starting out so cash is critical now, Voucher would be big boost. Hope this comment lands. Thanx

  3. oliver kent Says:
    May 8, 2010 at 6:14 pm


    Like many people new to the world of ebusiness there is a lot to learn ! Have now discovered that there is a whole industry devoted to Adwords Vouchers. No doubt this is because, as I understand it,vouchers can only be used on Adwords accounts less than 14 days old ? So presumably some lucky people find themseleves with vouchers that they can’t use on their own pre-existing accounts. They then face a dilemma do they sell the surplus or give away ? Anyway if there is someone out there who is generous enough to want to offer me a free voucher this will be gratefully received. Not sure how that would be faciliated but here’s hoping………. We all need to start somewhere, thanks very much. Oliver

  4. Hi
    Have had heart problems, not earned an income for over a year and now over 60!

    Decided to try to earn an income on the internet and Adword vouchers would be massive help. Have just set up a website and now learning how to promote it.

    Any help I can get would be gratefully received.


  5. Oliver, an AdWords voucher for £50 is on its way to you!

  6. I’m completely flummoxed by this AdWords business.

    I joined 123 on 5th May but didn’t take up the voucher offer at the time. I have today used the link in their email that should take me to the offer page but it goes to the 123 home page and I find it impossible to get to the voucher offer I expected.

    I found another site offering vouchers but when I tried to register the details with AdWords it said the codes (20 of them) had been redeemed, not by me I can assure you.

    I started to sign up with AdWords some weeks back but didn’t enter payment details and exited, so does the account only become live after I have registered my card details, if not I may have missed the boat.

    I’m beginning to think I am too old for all this.


  7. I’m afraid the clock does start ticking from when you set up the account *not* from when you enter your payment details.
    If you want to take advantage of AdWords vouchers you’ll need to set up another AdWords account with different email address (this is not too difficult if you have not already entered your payment details in the original account).

  8. Like lots of others here, I’m new to all this. I’m hoping to get my site up and running soon and the Adwords voucher would be a real boon! I barely know what I’m doing but what the hey – this time next year we’ll all be millionaires!! That’s how it works…isn’t it??


  9. That’s right!

    And for the low, low price of £147.77 – I can reveal the 100% previously unknown marketing secrets that will make you millions with ZERO effort!


    But seriously – I’ll be giving another one away soon – but it’ll not be for a few weeks yet, so stay tuned… / subscribed / following me on twitter etc…

  10. Well many of you use and that’s a fact. Most of us do. But recently you may have seen they have removed the ’search UK only’ button from just under the search bar. So now you have no choice but to search the ‘whole’ world for a particular word and then you filter out the results using the left hand menu bar (this is what they say, but I can’t see it). So the theory is that Google are trying to increase the amount of adverts we see but making us view more pages. This is fine I suppose as the search engine it’s self if free, and I understand we have the paper to their desires if we wish to use them…

    BUT, could it also be a conspiracy? he he I love these, but bare with me. It now seems that google generally ranks American site higher than any other countries sites by a long way. So have they been told by a higher being to make us aware of American good before our own? Maybe trying to increase their flagging economy is some way?

    There is a way around this I have found by using Seems the results are from the UK, but with many search bars for goole being inbedded into the browser (you know the little bar at the top left in many cases), these are geared to showing from, so you wont have a choice if you use these by habit of for speed.

    All in all, google are the judge, jury and executioner of the search engine world, although they have been the mighty king for a long time, they could find they do a Microsoft and people will leave in droves. Many already are.

  11. Matt,

    Interesting theory – I guess there has to be an element of truth in what you say….

    But looks to me that the option to show only UK results has only ever been available on rather than, and the option is still there on using the new interface (although you are right – it is a little bit harder to find now)…

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