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Google Ads Smart Shopping – Mobile Apps ROAS

Bearing in mind that Smart Shopping will automagically remarket to previous visitors using Google’s ‘advanced machine learning’ (and take credit for sales you may have got anyway), you might be forgiven for thinking that ROAS even from Mobile Apps would be acceptable.

Here’s data from a campaign that has been running for a year now that gets really good traffic and has some pretty decent remarketing lists –

Placement typeClicksCostConv. valueConv. value / cost
Mobile app8045£1,137.55£161.450.14

The overall ROAS (conv value / cost) from this campaign is 8.9 .

It is possible that performance will improve given another 5 years or so I guess, but with so many people (whether they know it or not) paying eye wateringly high CPCs for traffic from Mobile Apps, I would say that the odds are very much against it.

But if anyone is targeting Mobile Apps and getting great returns from them I would love to hear about it!

Thanks to Kirk Williams for some useful info on Smart Shopping here –

and here – .

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