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Google AdWords Scam

There is a fake email doing the rounds at present which says


Your Google Adwords Account has stopped running this morning.

Some of the ads have stopped running today (Wednesday, 12 January 2011).

If you want to get your ad back up and running you need to optimize the campaign to improve the CTR. The link below has some helpful tips, but, in a nutshell, you need to look at your keywords and your ad text. Make sure your keywords are jighly relevant and then make sure that each keyword in the ad group makes sense in terms of the ad text associated with this ad group (usually this means you need to create more ad groups with a smaller number of keywords). Having a tight connection between keywords and ad text helps improve CTR, which should fix your problem.

Click here to get your ads back up.

Please note: if you do not verify the status of your account and notify us if your ads do not appear online, we cannot help you.

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Google will never send you an email asking you to ‘click here to get your ads back up’, and usually emails from Google do not have spelling mistakes either…..

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  2. Alan Dowd Says:
    July 5, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    If Google adwords are being scammed it’s probably because they are the biggest ripoff merchants on the net. My ads NEVER APPEARED yet they kept charging me for clicks. When I asked how to see my ads, someone called Safina Latif told me I was lucky she was even talking to me.I cancelled, and even then their website directs me to My Account to get a refund. No refund button. By chance I found it on a totally different section.
    If I ran such a scam I would be locked up, why can Google get away with it ?

  3. Alan, I can sympathise to an extent with what you are saying, and I’m not sticking up for Google support which can sometimes be very poor indeed….
    But your ads will rarely appear 100% of the time, which is one of the reasons why it’s not a good idea to search for your own ads on Google.

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