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Google AdWords Search Advertising Advanced Exam – Passed!

It was with shock that I recently received an email from Google stating that it was almost 12 months since I had last sat the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam (time flies when you get old like me).

I had no spare time with which to revise. So I sat the exam without doing *any* revision at all.

Google allow you 3 hours to sit the exam (I think there were 119 questions).

I took just over 37 minutes to complete all the questions.  The ‘rate your experience of this exam’ section at the end took almost as long!

There were a few questions that I didn’t know the answer to (does anyone actually use ‘Manager Defined Spend’) – but mostly they were very easy, and unless I am mistaken more than a few were identical to the last time I took the test.

There was even a question about ‘position preference’ which has been retired!

Anyway – if you have sat the exam before, and you manage AdWords accounts on a daily basis – then you can definitely get away with not revising for the exam.

My final score was 95%.

I got 98% a year ago – after spending about 57 hours revising (OK maybe not that much, but it certainly felt like it). So if you are having to resit this exam soon – please bear this information in mind!

  1. Veerender Says:
    January 27, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Great.. thanks for sharing

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