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Google Shopping Coupon For £75 For UK Businesses

Like it or not, in the near future, all Google Shopping UK traffic to your web site will have to be paid for.

To soften the blow (albeit not very much), you can apply for a £75 coupon and 10% off your spend until the end of June 2013*.

Here is the official Google link :-



* They say you have to be advertising all products in your Merchant Center account to get the 10% discount which on the face of it seems a little bit unfair. e.g. if you have a couple of products in Merchant Center which you are deliberately not currently advertising in Product Listing Ads it seems Google can decide that you are not eligible for the discount which makes a mockery of anyone who has put a lot of work into setting up their shopping feed correctly and are using the ‘adwords_publish’ attribute. It remains to be seen how strictly they will enforce this. If they are going to be very strict about it, and your PLA spend is pretty high, then it would be worth removing products you don’t want to advertise from your feed completely…

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