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Blog | Google Shopping Comes To Ireland (Republic Of)


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Google Shopping Comes To Ireland (Republic Of)


Well, shopping ads are not showing in the search results yet, but you *can* prepare and submit a Google Shopping feed now for ‘Down South’ in Google Merchant Center, and they should start showing ‘soon’.


Google support currently don’t know when ‘soon’ is, but it doesn’t look like we are talking 2017 (hopefully), which is good since the current weakness of GBP has made exporting to other English speaking countries more important than ever if you are located in the UK.

Update – 27th October, 2016 – I have now seen some impressions in the wild for Google IRL Shoppnig campaigns. I’m still not seeing a shopping tab in the Google search results on so I sent an email to support to see what the situation was. Here is their reply –


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