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Blog | Merry Christmas – Have A £75 AdWords Voucher Courtesy Of PPCNI..



Merry Christmas – Have A £75 AdWords Voucher Courtesy Of PPCNI..

£75 Google AdWords Voucher 75 gbp

PPCNI has another one of these up for grabs for anyone who wants to get a Christmas campaign going…

No strings attached.

Valid for use on Google AdWords accounts that are 14 days old or less (and have not already had a voucher applied).

Just leave a comment below about what you would use it for, and I’ll pick the best one during the next few days, and send the voucher by email….

PS – if you are not lucky enough to get this one – then see the following post for details on how you can get a £30 or £50 voucher –

Free AdWords Coupons For Everyone!

  1. Hello Jordan, I would like to try google adwords and advertise my website, could you please send to me the voucher. thanks

  2. Could you send me the voucher please? for advertising my personal website

  3. Zack – sorry – I know you had to post this more than a couple of times before it actually appeared on this web site. There were server problems and your original comments disappeared into the void!

  4. No problem Jordan, I am developer and I understand that such issues may occur.

  5. Zack, the voucher is on it’s way to you by email.

  6. Thank You Jordan, Highly Appreciated :)

  7. If you have another voucher I would appreciate one.
    I will be using it to advertise my consultancy business.
    Regards, Rupert

  8. Keep following, we’ll be giving another one away soon….

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