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Mobile / Tablet / Computer Stats 2015

You’re probably all tired of hearing about how mobile traffic is so important these days, but here is some actual data from a UK account which proves the point.

From 2013 to 2015


You can see how much mobile traffic is closing up with computer (desktop+laptop) traffic, but perhaps more interesting is the fact that mobile (non tablet) traffic has closed the gap on tablet traffic compared to a few years ago. Smart phones have been getting bigger, better and more usable for surfing the internet over the last few years, so this must be having an impact on phone use relative to tablet use.

For 2015


E-Commerce conversion rates are still a lot higher for computers, even though this site works really well on mobile devices.


Hence, the revenue from mobile hasn’t caught up with computers as much as the visits / sessions have.


Does this matter if you are using CPA bidding or adjusting CPC Bids for mobile devices? No*.

Does this mean your site needs to be optimised to work well on smart phones and tablets? Yes.

Does this take into account indirect conversions (people researching on mobile then buying on another device)? No.

Is Google lying when they say that there is generally no difference in conversion rates between tablets and computers? Yes.



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