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Blog | How Much Does An SSD Speed Up AdWords Editor?



How Much Does An SSD Speed Up AdWords Editor?

There’s plenty of information online about how SSDs are soooo much faster than old fashioned HDDs.

Windows 7 boots *much* more quickly, and applications open a lot faster.

And now that you can get a 256GB SSD for around £100, there is no excuse not to get one.

But this being a PPC blog, I have to mention that it also makes a difference to the speed of AdWords Editor.

In my (not very scientific) test, I increased the bids on 73,682 keywords by 10%. Here are the results (approximately as I had to click the ‘Apply Changes’ button in the middle of the operation, and I was using the second hand on my wrist watch) :-

HDD – 20 seconds
SSD – 12 seconds

This isn’t an operation you are going to perform every day on every AdWords account you manage, but it still goes to show what a great investment an SSD is if you manage PPC accounts and your budget won’t stretch to a brand new PC/Mac.

(SSD = Solid State Drive) (I was guilty of using the term for years without being 100% sure what it stood for).

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