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Blog | Using Common Misspellings In Your PPC Campaign…



Using Common Misspellings In Your PPC Campaign…

This is one way to get more (often better value) traffic from your PPC/AdWords campaigns.

For anyone who wants to target Northern Ireland, here is a list of how it may be typed into a search engine:-

northen ireland
nothern ireland
norther ireland
northern irland
nortern ireland
norhtern ireland
northan ireland
northern irelan
norhern ireland
northern irelnad
northern irealnd
northren ireland
northen irland
northern ieland
northern irleand
northenr ireland
northrn ireland
northern ireladn
northern ierland
northern irelans
northeren ireland
northern lreland
northen island
nortehrn ireland
northern irelnd
northern irelad
northern ireand
northern irealand
nothern island
nothern irland
northan irland
nother ireland
northerm ireland
northern irleland
northern oreland
nothen ireland
northern irelamd
northem ireland
northern irelend
norten ireland
norther island
northan island
northern irerland
nrothern ireland
northern irelanf
northen ierland
norther irland
northern ireleand
northern irelansd
northern irlend
northern irelaand
northern iraland
northern ioreland
northern iland
northern irelan d
northern irelande
northern irelsnd
norther nireland
northern irelandd
northern irelenad
northern i reland
northern irelane
northorn ireland
nothen irland
northern irelanbd
nothen island
norhtern island

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